this small country is one of the oldest European countries, situated in the middle of the continent in Central Europe. It becomes easy for almost all the European countries to get an easy access. People can avail flight, train, car and bus facilities to get to Hungary. This country is the birthplace of world-famous inventors, scientists, explorers, composers and sports stars.

Hungarians speak a language and form a culture unlike any other in the region: this distinctiveness has been both a source of pride and an obstacle for more than 1100 years.


is easy to access via Ferihegy International Airport, which is continuously being enlarged and supplemented. Several daily flights are available to the Hungarian capital from all major European cities. As the capital of Hungary, Budapest serves the country’s principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial, and transportation center and is considered an important hub in Central Europe. The city is attracting international meeting planners and delegates with its unique heritage and individual, cultural charm, as well as the professionalism of its hotels, convention facilities and visitor amenities

Budapest — with the majestic Danube in the middle. Buda, with its romantic atmosphere on one side, and Pest, a dynamic cultural center on the other. One would have to be sharp to find another city in the world with such beautiful natural settings, rich architectural and historical heritage, offering an unparalleled combination of culture, fine cuisine and thermal baths.


The climate of Budapest is humid continental. Highs can stay above 20 °C until the end of October. Nights get colder and the first frost arrives usually in the second week of October. Short cool spells vary with the Indian Summer that can last for several weeks. November brings abundant rain, sometimes snow and a drastic fall in temperature (a 10 °C fall throughout the month).


The official currency of Hungary is Hungarian Forint. (sign: Ft; code: HUF)


All major credit cards are normally accepted throughout Hungary and ATMs are widespread.


The country code for international calls to Hungary is +36.


220 V
Central European Time (CET)